GO-TRYKE® Easy: The e-bike/e-trike that moves your arms and legs

A recumbent tricycle equipped with an electric motor in the same line as e-bikes, GBY's GO-TRYKE® was designed by a partial quadriplegic for all people with reduced mobility.


Designed by and for disabled people

The GO-TRYKE® is designed by a partial quadriplegic for people with different degrees of disability.

Swiss quality

Do you want the best? So do we!
For this reason, the


is designed and assembled in Switzerland, exclusively by GBY.

Intelligent movement

The GO-TRYKE® has been designed to generate a simultaneous and natural asynchronous movement of the arms and the legs, like on some re-education equipment. The time spent on the GO-TRYKE® is therefore twice as efficient!

Leisure time

Breathe fresh air, discover new landscapes or re-discover places that have become inaccessible to you, get out with your family or friends: so many enjoyable moments that we would like you to feel again thanks to the GO-TRYKE®.

As a sport

Are you willing to excel, to push your limits, to explore new ways?

The GO-TRYKE® will soon become your favorite partner!


Faster? Further? For a longer time? Higher? It is up to you to determine which limits the electric assistance will allow you to surpass.

Foldable frame for easy transportation

Thanks to its foldable frame,

the GO-TRYKE® can be easily transported in most common vehicles.

Evolving product

Different options will enable you to choose the GO-TRYKE® that will best suit you, or is best adaptable to the rhythm of your own progresses.

Standards components

We build the GO-TRYKE® with standard components that can be replaced and fixed by any bike mechanic.

This is why the GO-TRYKE® is for you:

  • Your whole body is activated, in an intelligent movement:

    • Arms and legs - even partially valid - are used for pedalling. In the case of disabled members, they are set in motion when using the GO-TRYKE®.

    • The movement of the arms and legs is physiological and natural.

  • The integrated motor easily compensates for the muscle power you lack, giving you a maximum of freedom.

  • The engine's integrated reverse gear gives you the required manoeuvrability and completes your autonomy with the GO-TRYKE®.

  • The height of the seat and the liftable steering stem make it easy to transfer from and to a wheelchair.

  • Thanks to its different settings, the GO-TRYKE® can be adapted to your body size for perfect ergonomics.


Specific features:

  • Specially designed for people with reduced mobility of different profiles.

  • Very stable thanks to its three wheels, and in particular thanks to its two front wheels when braking during cornering.

  • Comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic fabric seat.

  • Foldable, for easier transport in a vehicle.

  • Designed to ride on all types of paths, for maximum freedom.

  • Variable motor assistance, depending on the instantaneous need.

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