Notre vision et nos valeurs d'entreprise reflètent nos aptitudes et aspirations, ainsi que les propriétés uniques des produits que nous réalisons. Notre avenir réside dans le renforcement continuel de la proposition de valeur que nous offrons à nos clients et de nos engagements envers nos partenaires, l'environnement et la communauté dans laquelle nous travaillons. En créant des produits à forte valeur ajoutée grâce à l'innovation, nous rendons le monde plus accessible, plus simple et plus agréable.

GBY Ltd is the story of two close friends: Sebastian Tobler and Eric Belloy.

The first one, Sebastian: a compulsive sportsman and Nature lover who fully enjoys life, this until 31st July 2013, when the unthinkable happens: a mountain bike accident during the training of young cyclists of the Fribourg area. The outcome is irrevocable: partial tetraplegia that dramatically reduces several of his physical capacities and leaving him on a wheelchair.

Follows then a long re-education in a medical environment, at home, on his own, later on, to push the limits imposed by his new body that seems to have become his enemy. Always full of ideas in mind, Sebastian looks for solutions as well as for some equipment that could help him in his daily re-education that would also enable him to gain back a kind of independence, as well as what he enjoys most: outdoor family activities, nature and sport.

Some equipment is available on the market, indeed. However, Sebastian is not fully satisfied with them. As engineer, he starts thinking about tailored solutions. Drawings and concepts are therefore created and a prototype TRIKE comes to life, built with the help of friends and colleagues.

So far, this is already a big adventure…. And what if it did not stop there? And what if the development of TRIKE would continue? And what if TRIKE was manufactured, as well as some other under development equipment, to fully benefit to other people being in the same position? This is Sebastian’s idea, supported by his relatives.

Sebastian submits his ideas to Eric, an old friend of his that he has known for a long time and met for the first time as they were both taking part in a humanitarian project on the islands of Cape Verde in 1992. Eric, on his side, is sensitive to the social responsibility of each one and is convinced that each initiative contributing to the global well-being of the society is worth the try. Engineer like Sebastian but whose postgrad studies and whose professional background are much more orientated towards project management, process management and business management, he is quickly willing to contribute and make the thinking evolve a step further.

At the beginning, the ideas are confusing and uncertain but after some reflections and discussions throughout the course of the months, the concepts become clearer and clearer until the creation of GBY Ltd in September 2016.